Current funding

Funding from the Foundation

Sirius Minerals Foundation receives an annual donation from the Woodsmith Mine through Anglo American Plc. From April 2021 to May 2022 the Foundation plans to award grants totaling approximately £1.5m against our five charitable objectives which can be found here.

In August 2021 we awarded 36 grants to support and enable Covid-19 recovery. These projects will be delivered over 12 months and are focused on helping people in our communities to get out and about, regain their confidence and restart their lives, as the country begins to come out of lockdown.

Planned grant rounds up until May 2022 include:

  • Children and Young People Time Together – funding round open and details below.
  • Climate Change open grants round - to support local groups and organisations to take local action to combat, mitigate or adapt to climate change. Small grants. Due to launch September 2021.
  • Children’s and Young People Emotional Wellbeing open grant round – to support children and young people struggling with their emotional wellbeing. Large grants. Due to launch in October/November 2021.
  • Small Capital Grants open round – to help reopen buildings, activities and services or to extend the reach of activities and services. Small grants. Due to launch in September/October.

In addition to the open grant rounds the Foundation will be running a schools competition, piloting a rolling fund to support individual young people to achieve their potential, and considering how we can support our grantees with their own environmental sustainability. We are currently developing our thinking on community and youth leadership, community assets, social enterprise support and maximising the impact of previous grant investments. Over the next year the Trustees will be developing the Foundation’s strategy for medium to long term funding. We reserve the right to change our funding plans and ask you to check our website and Twitter feed (@s_m_foundation) for the latest information and details when the grant rounds go live.

If your project idea does not fit a current or planned open grant round it may still be of interest to the Foundation if it meets one of our five charitable objectives. We are happy to have a conversation about your idea and the best approach is to email with further information or call Leah Swain on 07724 832982 for a chat.

For each open grant round we strongly encourage you to send in your application early and not wait until the closing date. If we receive your application form two weeks or so before the closing date we have time to do a quick initial review and to come back to you if we spot anything we think may be an issue at the assessment stage. We can also get in touch with you if we think your project is not eligible or not a good fit for the funding round you have applied for and you would then still have time to think about an alternative project that might be better for the funding round or to look at alternative open grant rounds we may have live.

Open Grant Round – Children and Young People Time Together

We are currently accepting applications for activities that build relationships between children and young people and give them time together. We would love communities and organisations to talk to their children and young people and find out how they would chose to spend time together having fun or doing something uplifting with their friends or peers – and then apply for funding from the Foundation to make it happen.

This grant round will see the Foundation spend up to £200,000 across Scarborough Borough, the North York Moors National Park and Redcar and Cleveland. Organisations can apply for grants of between £500 and £4,000. If you are a charity that is an umbrella organisation for multiple groups you can apply for a potentially larger grant to allow for each group at a separate location to benefit. Please contact us for a discussion before you start your application.

This grant round will close at 12pm on Sunday 31st October 2021. Groups will be notified of the outcome by 10th December 2021. Funds must be spent by end of December 2022.

Example of activity that could be funded:

  • Activities that give children and young people the opportunity to learn a new skills or have a new experience.
  • Informal learning opportunities provided through socialising with their friends or peers which might include one off events or a series of activities.
  • Events or activities that you cannot normally offer your children and young people because you do not have funding available.
  • Opportunities for children and young people who cannot travel to have something fun come to them.
  • Support costs for a child or young person to be able to access the opportunity you wish us to fund.

We would prefer to see programmes of activities rather than one off events, especially when they are structured to build longer term connections between children and young people. However, we are not ruling out one off events or activities – the priority is to build relationships between children and young people and give them time together.

Before applying please read the application criteria, available here.

Application forms for this round can be found here.

If you would like to have a look at the monitoring form that you will be asked to complete at the end of your project please click here. This is for information only at the application stage and should not be sent back with your application form.

Groups are encouraged to contact the Foundation to have an informal chat to discuss their application if they are not sure it fits the criteria for this funding round.

Call Leah Swain on 07724 832982 or email

If you need support to develop your project idea or write an application then please get in touch with your local support organisations below.

For organisations in Scarborough Borough and the North York Moors National Park:

Community First Yorkshire

01904 704177 or

For organisations in Redcar and Cleveland:


01642 440571 or

The Sirius Minerals Foundation is a charity registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales.
Charity number: 1163127