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The Foundation, an independent charity, was set up by the Sirius Minerals team in 2013 to leave a positive legacy from the Woodsmith Mine to the boroughs of Scarborough, Redcar and the North York Moors National Park.

Anglo American plc completed a takeover of Sirius Minerals in March 2020 and has pledged its support for the Foundation. It committed to provide an additional £4 million in advance of future revenues being received from the Woodsmith Mine.

The Foundation has been established to distribute funds to local community projects, which can range from education and skills training to improving local facilities or environmental initiatives and community asset projects.


The Foundation is currently utilising £2 million that it was given in 2017 by Sirius Minerals Plc following the commencement of construction of the Woodsmith Mine and a further £1 million provided annually by Anglo American in March 2020 and March 2021.

Anglo American has committed to providing a further £2 million over the next two years. Longer term, the Foundation is due to share a 0.5 per cent revenue royalty when polyhalite production begins at the Woodsmith Mine.

The Foundation’s first awards were made in December 2017 and it runs regular open grants rounds to fund projects that meet our five charitable objectives.

The Sirius Minerals Foundation is a charity registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales.
Charity number: 1163127

Sirius Minerals Foundation

Sirius Minerals Foundation is a Limited Company registered in England – registration number: 08087609.

Registered as a charity in England - registration number: 1163127. Registered office: Resolution House, Lake View, Scarborough YO11 3ZB.

At the Sirius Minerals Foundation, we only deal with issues related to grant-making. Please contact the Company directly in relation to any information on Woodsmith Mine itself or on its owner, Anglo American Plc.

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